'Safety at Sea' seminar

The sixth annual “Safety at Sea” seminar will run all day Saturday, Feb. 25. It’s designed for those challenging the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

Safety at SeaPeople ask, “Who should attend a safety at sea seminar?” Professional sailors and other experts will show novices and experienced mariners. They’ll learn how to handle heavy weather and its consequences. Mariners’ Museum and Landfall Navigation bill the program as the most-comprehensive of its type in Hampton Roads. Registrants will earn a “Near-Coastal Safety at Sea” certification from U.S. Sailing.

Cruising and racing skippers should attend. Along with their crews. Recreational boaters, commercial mariners and curious family members or landlubbers will benefit as well. Topics include emergency communications, damage control and man-overboard rescue. Other topics cover medical care and prevention, the AIS System and Chesapeake Bay weather. Finally, albeit ominously: life raft inflation and abandon-ship procedures.

A similar seminar in Annapolis addressed what to do if someone on board dies while at sea. The narrator said to store the body in a cool place. Make sure it’s out of the way of the remaining crew. “Whatever you do, don’t bury them at sea,” he insisted. “Because you got some explaining to do.”

Safety at Sea
Waves rise 50 feet offshore.

The Bay offers unique challenges in rough weather. The waves do not rise to 50 or 70 feet as they can in the Atlantic Ocean (think “Perfect Storm”). But the vicious  chop can be difficult to contend with.

Capt. Henry Marx, owner and president of Landfall Navigation, is the moderator. He has more than 40 years of sailing experience on two coasts of the United States, the North Sea, and the Caribbean. Joining him will be a panel of experts: Capt. Mark Bologna, Capt. Eric Knott, Will Keene, retired Capt. Pete Seidler and Jeff Orrock.

The registration fee is $115, with $15 off for Mariners’ Museum members. The fee covers course materials and a boxed lunch. For more details, contact Mark Arduini at (757) 591-7749 or marduini@MarinersMuseum.org.

Let’s Go Sail for Safety at Sea

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safety at sea safety at sea safety at sea

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