Sailing Past Hugo

Sailing Past Hugo

People ask, “What do you do in a hurricane?” “We learned how to make candles by cutting up shoelaces and dipping them in olive oil,” Karen recalled while sailing the York River. “A friend of ours got a call months later from someone who said, ‘Would you please come here and remove your boat from my tree.’” To get some perspective on the damage from Hugo, see the video below. The photo at right made the cover of Time magazine that week.

Speaking of exotic sailing, Grand Cayman Island is a great place to sail — catamarans. Sloops with keels extending four or five feet below the hull run in peril of hitting a ribbon of reef. It extends around the island. It’s one reason the place is such a haven for divers.

Hardy Sail

Sailing Past Hugo
ASA 101

Three hardy sailors ventured out to Willoughby Bay on a brisk, cloudy day with winds gusting to 20 mph in pursuit of accreditation by the American Sailing Association. We got up to speed rapidly on only the mainsail, and it was shortened by one-third to avoid too much weather helm (and heeling). The crew quickly became proficient on the points of sail—close haul, close reach, beam reach, broad reach. We deferred the deep run reach and controlled jibing due to the winds.

Minnesota Sail

Kay and Don Peterson sailed the York River with another couple the day after the polar vortex slammed their native Minnesota with six inches of snow and 20 degree temperatures. “It makes you appreciate the change of seasons that much more,” Kay said. “Both of them,” Don quipped. He pondered the fact that it took Congress exactly 100 years to erect the Yorktown Monument saluting the battle that won the Revolutionary War. “It took us 30 years to decide on adding a second bathroom to the house we built. There was considerable debate.”

Let’s Go Sailing Past Hugo

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sailing past hugo sailing past hugo

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