Sailing out to sea

People inquire, “Do you take house guests sailing?” Williamsburg is a great place to visit, so much so that people who live here often find themselves entertaining house guests. I get sufficient business from one particular subdivision that thrives with house guests who stay too long. I suggest you send them sailing out to sea.

The thing to do is take them sailing with you—or better yet, without you. They can find plenty of entertainment on a sailboat by observing nature, taking in the History Cruise, learning how-to on the Lessons Cruise, or watching the US Navy transit ships in and out of Yorktown through the Coleman Bridge. People who don’t live here are amazed by the diversity of the adventure.

Sailing out to seaBy the way. the subdivision is Ford’s Colony. I can’t for the life of me figure why they drive more business than Governor’s Land, Kingsmill, Green Spring or Williamsburg city, but they do. I get grandparents, grandchildren, siblings, old friends from up North, college roommates from 50 years ago, and former business associates. Ford’s Colony is a big place. I’m thinking of using the illustration above as an ad in the Ford’s Colony homeowner newsletter.

Oh yes, they won’t really go out to sea. Let’s Go Sail sticks to the calm waters of the York River, sheltered five miles in from Chesapeake Bay. They’ll enjoy the adventure so much that they may hurry back to visit you. The couple in the center of the photo below are friends of ours, but not house guests. They preferred to stay in a hotel on their own, as my wife and I do when we travel. Everyone has their own way of doing things.

Let’s Go Sailing Out to Sea

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sailing out to sea sailing out to sea sailing out to sea

Sailing out to sea

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