Sailing LaterLinda Louise Stamper of Indianapolis and her beau Scott dated a few times in high school before graduating in 1960 and going their separate ways to marry and raise families. Years later their spouses passed away.

Scott related while sailing the York River how he caught up with Linda, who had developed a successful advertising agency. “I noticed that she designed the invitation for the 50th high school reunion. I didn’t go, but I saw her picture and called a few months later.” Fifty years later, they got married and are now looking to attend their 55th high school reunion together. Their homecoming should get top billing.

Sailing Later
WALT class

Sailing Class

Members of the fall sailing class of the Williamsburg Area Learning Tree encountered fluky and shifting winds on the York River their first day, perfect conditions for instruction. Once the winds picked up to 10 mph, they soared with gusto and ran up 19.6 miles for the day. The second of three sessions resumes Sunday.

Golfer Goes Sailing

Larry Perlow’s children sent him sailing with a pal on the York River. In retirement, Larry completed his Ph.D. and lectures for the Christopher Wren Association on the works of William Faulkner and Flannery O’Connor. Perhaps his happiest accomplishment came from attending a golf academy and practicing almost daily to get his handicap down to 13. “I never bought the golf club’s insurance to cover a round of drinks on the house if you hit a hole-in-one. I figured if I ever did that, I’d be happy to pay.” He smiled modestly, “Now I wish I had paid for the insurance.”

Sailing the Bearing Sea

As we sailed along the York River past the Yorktown Coast Guard Training Center, I quizzed Rob Faucett of Ocean View, Delaware. What was it like to serve in the US Coast Guard in the Gulf of Alaska and Bearing Sea. “I think we took as high as 27-foot seas, which was okay on a 180-foot buoy tender. But we couldn’t take the waves to the side of the boat. The hull was shaped like a football to rise up and break ice. It was pretty rolly in a storm.” Plus the added dimension of cold winds and water during winter. He added, “Nobody went out on deck in a situation like that.” We sailed on peacefully in one-foot seas.

Experience 2 minutes of sheer terror on a Coast Guard cutter in a Bearing Sea storm. Check out the video below. Wow.

Let’s Go Sail

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sailing later sailing later

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