Sailing HomeWayne and Teresa Vick took their family sailing for a beautiful day on the York River. Their friends Sue and Dick Pflederer joined them for perhaps their shortest trip of the year, as they are world travelers who have a summer home in Italy. I asked Dick a routine question about where their three grown children live. “Beijing, Sydney and Florence,” he responded. “So we do a lot of Skyping,” Sue added. Their four grandchildren speak Cantonese, Mandarin, Italian and Spanish. Dick said, “Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.” Next month, two of the three families are returning to Williamsburg for a rare reunion.

Sailing HomeToo Much Wind

Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque are buffeted in March by high winds of 50-60 mph. Diana de la Rosa Galey grew up in New Mexico and now deals with the winds as an emergency planner for Sandia Labs. While on a sightseeing sailing cruise she said, “The winds came up again this week, which was surprising.” The utilities have to scale back on electricity generation when the winds blow hard, which is detrimental to Sandia’s experiments. Meanwhile, the drought out West has reduced the Rio Grande River levels. “What were once Class 5 rapids in Taos are now Class 1 or 2.” When it comes to weather, Virginia is a breeze.

Sailing homeSailing Home for Kiwanis

Past and present leaders of the Williamsburg Kiwanis Foundation got a sailing cruise on the York River for their collective decades of work raising money to help worthy causes. Today the foundation corpus stands at $380,000, which reflects great donations by hundreds of members and great leadership by these fellows and others. Update: These sails continued for years, and eventually the foundation surpassed $500,000. That was thanks to longtime member and former Kiwanis president Gary Ripple. 

World Cup

Brazil citizens have protested $11 billion spent on the World Cup in a country of immense poverty. Mary Yeager of Scottdale, Pennsylvania, is a project engineer for a global company and has worked in Brazil. While sailing on the York River, she validated the protests. She seen mile after mile of urban and rural slums throughout the country. “Brazil has too little food and too much illegal drugs. I’m no socialist, but you have to provide the means for people to live.”

Let’s Go Sailing Home

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sailing home sailing home sailing home

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