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Sailing CourseSam Melville, Jon Sargent and Robert Dexter Lilley concluded an intensive two-day course with SailTime Virginia Beach by running a Catalina Capri 22 out of Willoughby Bay at Norfolk beside Interstate 64, over the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel toward Thimble Shoal Lighthouse, and back to port at Willoughby Marina.

The crew fought a wicked ebb tide current. Then they dodged freighters and sport fishing boats at the mouth of Hampton Roads. The American Sailing Association program teaches basic skills on keelboats. It’s quite the trip, in the shadow of the US Navy’s 5th Fleet.

??????????Fighting Fires in Puerto Rico

Linda and Kevin Shaver drove down from Montpelier in central Virginia to enjoy a day sailing on the York River. He just returned from Puerto Rico. His team of seven disaster responders extinguished a huge tire fire dating to 2008. “The steel in the radials retained so much heat that we had to uncover the tires. Then we had to cool it all down below 115 degrees, using water and foam.”

Linda operates a church pre-school. The pressure is on to teach tykes their colors, numbers and alphabet before kindergarten. “They also learn to get along with others, to share, and to take their turn.” We should all learn that.Sailing Course

Sailing from Oklahoma

Diann and Max Rudd of Perkins OK were given a sailing trip on the York River by their son in Kansas. As a minister, Max once found a hawk with his wing stuck 60 fee up in the large cross rising above his church. It turned out to be an osprey, having flown hundreds of miles inland from the Gulf coast.

The fire department took a pet carrier up a long ladder and got the osprey loose. As for tornadoes, Diann has undergone only two school alerts in her 30 years of teaching, and Max has only seen two in his 60 years. Schools tend to have their interior hallways reinforced, but it’s prohibitive to build underground shelters for the once-in-a-lifetime hit of an F5 tornado.

Let’s Take a Sailing Course

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sailing course sailing course sailing course

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