September 13, 2013 How to, Uncategorized

Making Meth

DurinMethg a lovely afternoon sail, it turned out one member of the crew did time for making methamphetamine. He reluctantly answered questions because he has since gone straight. He allowed that the methodology in the TV series “Breaking Bad” was quite accurate, outlining in detail the precise sequence for making the formula and cooking it. Doesn’t that encourage people to imitate the show? “Dude, you can find out how to make it on You Tube.” Like the character Jesse Pinkman, he had to go from drug store to drug store to buy up Sudafed, the main ingredient. He shopped multiple Walmarts around Orlando buying Sudafed until it was banned from over-the-counter sales. At his lab inside his home, he filtered the fumes and kept a low profile so the neighbors were unaware. Eventually he was busted red-handed by a SWAT team while making a batch. Did he learn anything while incarcerated? “How to counterfeit money,” he replied matter-of-factly. “They don’t teach you any job skills or provide you education classes.” Today he’s clean and sober, working as a concrete contractor. “I never want to go to prison again.”


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