Casting couchThat’s the headline for this picture of relaxing on the bow, from the website Sailing Anarchy. I tried lesser variations, including a yoga mat cut to size.

Casting couchThe best solution was simply three square cushions lashed to the deck so they won’t blow off. People enjoy sitting and relaxing on the bow because it’s adventurous, quiet and private. Try it.

As for the couches, Sailing Anarchy concludes, “If you buy 3 BowCouches™ in the next hour, we’ll throw in a 1973 Cal 27 sailboat – absolutely free!”

Update: In 2020 the marina general manager gave me a couple of cast-off cushions from a luxury powerboat. They’re shaped in perfect triangles and fit perfectly with straps on each side to keep the wind from blowing them away.

Zen on the BowPeople ask, “What’s the attraction of the bow?” Bow riders enjoy a unique privacy from everyone else on the boat. Children enjoy it as well, but they have a tendancy to move back and forth from the cockpit. And the boys tend to stand up with their arms out, a la Decaprio in “Titanic.” I hate that because it compromises their stability and center of gravity.

Only once has anyone nearly fallen over at the bow. A fellow with his girlfriend zigged when he should have zagged as the boat tacked. He stood up instead of ducking and nearly lost his balance. His Fitbit watch caught him on the guardrail, luckily. We lost the watch but kept the guy.

Casting couch

Angry Bay

Angry Bay

Outside Deltaville, a churning Chesapeake Bay was smashing waves up to three feet against the rocks of Stingray Point after Hurricane Matthew blew through Virginia. No sailboats were visible on the horizon, but thousands of whitecaps showed winds topping 20 mph. Skies brightened Sunday and winds diminished as normalcy returned.

Update: In late 2020 the National Park Service ordered up hundreds of tons of riprap stone to shore up three parts of the Colonial Parkway near King’s Creek. Northwest winds pound the York against the shore.

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