Backing up a sailboat“People ask,” Is it hard to back up a sailboat into the slip?” ASA has an entire course dedicated to this, so yes it is. Corinna Caldwell is my first sailing student to take on the daunting task of backing a sailboat into a slip, under power. It’s like backing up a tractor-trailer in a snowstorm. You’re on your own, it’s not pretty, you hope no one is observing, and crashing the thing is inevitable the first few times. By contrast and in quick order, Corinna mastered the challenge.

The principal advantage holds that you can leave port more easily by heading out directly. This lesson derives from the Charleston City Marina, where sailors on the Ashley River have to cope with 6 knot currents at mid-tide. They back into their slips in the afternoon when other guys are standing around and can help catch the boat as it rams backward. Conversely, if they had to back out in the morning, fewer helpers would be on hand to push him out. Plus it’s easier to board a boat that’s backed in because the stern is right at the dock.

??????????Montessori Sail

Tracy and Jim Schwartz took her parents sailing in a light breeze on the York River as winners of the Williamsburg Montessori School charity auction. Tracy and Jim prefer Montessori for their daughter “because the teaching process is better,” Tracy said. “She enjoys peer support and smaller classes. The students set their own pace and can accelerate faster as a result. She loves it.” The students also enjoy mentoring from the older children, and then reciprocate when they can.

Backing up a sailboatCharity Auction II

Matthew Menard and his wife Erin Dobbins come from Livonia, Michigan. They won a trip to Williamsburg and went sailing on a beautiful afternoon along the York River. He’s a police officer who relished undercover work but would welcome the decriminalization of marijuana.

“Oh my gosh – yes, please. I’m a conservative. But that’s the only liberal bone in my body.” Erin is a Realtor who has watched houses in Detroit go for as little as $2,000 or $5,000. “They sell as ‘grow’ houses, where it’s legal to grow marijuana for medicinal use. You walk in the house and the kitchen is fine, but the rest of the floors have been ripped out to grow plants.”

Let’s Go Backing Up a Sailboat

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backing up a sailboat backing up a sailboat backing up a sailboat

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