On this day, the winds died down and clouds filled the air. Rain threatened off in the southeast.

Bachelorette Birthday SailPeople ask, “Do you do birthday sails?” Mallory Beard took her friends and teammates from Hampton University out for her 20th birthday. Their volleyball team travels the country and plays 30 games over the course of the pre-season, season and post-season. The girls are all scholarship players from volleyball bastions of California and Texas.

“This is wonderful way to celebrate a birthday,” Mallory told me. All five of them spent the entire time on the bow as they talked, played music and took pictures. I hovered close to the entrance of Sarah Creek in case the rain broke out, but it held. The girls ignored the weather and had a great time. No one dropped her cell phone off the bow, either. All systems secured.

Check out the video below of another birthday sail for a lady, this one in St. Kitts in the BVI.

Sept. 11 Recalled

Bachelorette Birthday Sail

As we near the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks and aftermath of tragedy, it’s worth noting a new piece of information that dates back to the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center. Roger Mahone is now with the New Jersey State Police but was working an earlier job in Manhattan. While sailing near Williamsburg on a beautiful day, he described what happened.

“I was working security downtown at Wall Street and just happened to catch the last PATH train out before the 1993 explosion. The engineers on the building were very proud of themselves that it didn’t suffer more damage than it did. They were full of themselves about that. One of them was quoted as saying, ‘The only thing that will take down this building is a 747 plane loaded with fuel.’ There it was, he said it. And it was noticed by the mastermind of the ’93 attacks, Sheik Mohammed, for future use.”

Let’s Go on a Bachelorette Birthday Sail

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bachelorette birthday sail bachelorette birthday sail

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