Toy boat at seaA toy boat launched in the Atlantic Ocean by South Carolina school students has reached the coast of Wales, after a stopover in Bermuda. The Royal Gazette reports that the Carolina Dreamer was built by the St. Andrew’s School of Math & Science in Charleston and fitted with a GPS tracker. The little vessel went to sea last May. It washed up a week later in Bermuda, where a local sailor relaunched it toward England. Eventually a family walking along a beach in Wales discovered the battered vessel. Local students hope to refurbish the Carolina Dreamer and send her back home across the Atlantic.

Successful New Sailors
ASa 101 crew.

New Sailors

Members of Sail Time Virginia Beach enjoyed a rigorous three-hour test of their skills in a Basic Keelboat Sailing class on Willoughby Bay. They sailed a 22-foot Capri in view of frustrated motorists stuck in traffic on Interstate 64. In so doing, they earned certification by the American Sailing Association. 

Remember This

People ask me, “Do you hear about amazing things from guests?” Out of the blue while sailing on the York River with his wife Phyllis, Gary Glass of Columbia, PA, remembered something from 30 years ago that reflects people’s values.

Toy Boat at sea
Gary had quite the amazing story.

“I was a car salesman at the time and sold a car to a high school teacher who had just won the Pennsylvania Lottery. He won $20.9 million. This was in the 1980s and he was buying an Oldsmobile Ciera, of all things, because it had air conditioning. He had given some thought to retrofitting his old car with air conditioning, but I said, ‘Come on!’ He wound up donating it to charity.

“I went to his home with the closing papers and he invited me in. He showed me boxes and baskets all over the house with letters and cards from all over the world asking for help. There were thousands of requests. He lived in a subdivision and had to install a fence and a security system because people would find him and ring the doorbell asking for money.”

Let’s See a Toy Boat at Sea

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toy boat at sea toy boat at sea toy boat at sea

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