Secrets to Getting Married on a Sailboat

Secrets to getting married on a sailboat

  I get asked, “Are their secrets to getting married on a sailboat?” Let’s go sail the York River, where couples enjoy a serene three hours. Getting married in a unique setting is all the rage, whether on top of a mountain or in a canyon. These “venue weddings” are big in Williamsburg, where you […]

Sailboat Wedding

Linda Dugan and Dennis Landry came all the way from arid Arizona to Virginia to get married on the water in a uniquely romantic setting. They chose Williamsburg Charter Sails to go out on the York River for their wedding ceremony. As we sailed to the middle of the river, almost miraculously several pods comprising […]

Girl Talk

Bachelorette party

Sometimes the best place on a sailboat for girl talk can be the bow. Out there, with the boat slicing through the waves, one can find solitude to scrutinize nature and wind up falling asleep. Or you can hold a private conversation. Here, Ashley and Andrea Kieffer of Shawnee, Kansas, enjoy some girl time while […]