Serene Sailing on the York

People ask, “Is it serene on a sailboat?” On a serene afternoon, we sailed the York for an hour before the wind shifted and died. Two parties on board had a wonderful time. Yes, we saw those elusive two dolphins, but only for a moment.

Serene Sailing on the YorkKathy and Mark Walkenhorst were on vacation from suburban Detroit, so we talked about how the city is slowly coming back from decay. Next month marks the 50th anniversary of the 1967 riots. “I was a teenager at the time,” Mark said. “I recall flying into Detroit Metro and seeing all the fires burning.” As for me, I was enrolled in college there at the time, but missed the riots because I was in Army boot camp at Ft. Benning. Then when I got back, fraternity brothers talked about Army tanks rumbling down Livernois Avenue.

That led to discussion about construction. Mark said, “We have a friend who tried out a Bobcat bulldozer and thought it was great. He went to Las Vegas and found an acre of vacant land to bulldoze. He bought three bulldozers and three excavators and rents them to tourists. It’s called Dig This Las Vegas. Who would have thought of that as something to do?”

Kathy said, “It’s expensive, something like $400 an hour. But it’s exciting.”

Serene Sailing on the YorkSo, Julie Kuhn lives in the Panhandle of Florida and brought her 7-year-old daughter Alexa along. But as you might imagine, Julie does not have the Amazon Echo device in her home. Alexa said, “My aunt has an Alexa, and it gets very confusing when she calls my name.”

Kathy found an amazing resemblance between Alexa and their granddaughter, a veritable twin separated at birth. “She looks and acts and sounds exactly like her.” We took photos and shared them all around.

Let’s Go for a Serene Sail on the York

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serene sail on the York serene sail on the York serene sail on the York


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