Sailing with Widows
A most unusual party of women went sailing on a bright and breezy day on the York River. Sarah Merwin said, “We are with a nonprofit that supports spouses who have lost a loved one in the military. Not all of us here are widows, some are friends and supporters.”
Micaela Brancato and her husband Matthew are president and treasurer respectively of Holbrook Farms Retreat. She said, “We’re located in Minnesota, where we take groups of 12 at a time for a retreat to help the spouses adjust.”
Sailing with Widows
Sarah Merwin
The website explains that Holbrook “is dedicated to providing all-expense paid getaways for military survivors, widows and families who have lost their loved ones in military service. The experience provides survivors an opportunity to get away and spend time with those who have gone through similar tragedies. This helps them through their grieving process.”
What’s more, “Holbrook Farms is a working farm with maple syrup, small animals, orchards and gardens. We are a Bed & Breakfast style Event Center with current space for 12 overnight guests where families and friends can enjoy all Minnesota Lake Country has to offer. It is the primary location for ‘Survivors of Heroes’ retreats. It can also be utilized for weddings, family reunions, and other retreats and social events. We will never forget our Heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country.”
The ladies were in Williamsburg soaking up history and decided to take the day off for sailing. Sarah ran the helm with expertise gained from her engineering and aeronautical training at the US Air Force Academy. Almost instinctively, she compensated for gusts of wind by turning slightly into the wind to spill it—without losing forward momentum. As a result, the boat heeled perfectly at 15 degrees, but no more than that. Perfect sailing.

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