Sue Jennings and Cindi Love picked up where they were years ago when they went sailing in the British Virgin Islands. They chose a blustery day on the York River, which afforded sufficient excitement to nearly put the rail in the water. They loved it.

Cindi is an executive in Washington with the American College Personnel Association. “We represent everyone on campus after the faculty and the sports side: residential life, counselors, advisors, diversity, faith personnel and so on.”

She’s giving a speech next week on the disparity of higher ed. “Michigan State University presents the situation on a large scale. Fully 47% of the students are on Pell grants, yet Michigan State has the highest proportion of Chinese foreign nationals in America, 14%.” Her point was that the Pell students are low-income while the Chinese are high-income who pay full freight for out-of-state tuition. That goes for W&M Law School as well, where the Chinese have helped close the gap left wide by diminished state funding.

We also touched on the controversy over pricey, tenured professors who don’t teach a single class. Suddenly we spotted a dozen dolphins frolicking in front of the sailboat and then all around us. All talk of higher ed policy ceased.

If you’d like to sail today, click here.

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