Sailing to Civility

Two Long Island families enjoyed an afternoon of sailing while discussing a wide range of issues. The two girls are entering seventh grade at the Latin School of Kellenberg Memorial High School, where the Marist Brothers “train the mind and educate the heart in patterns of civility, order and respect,” according to the website. Students are expected to perform on their own and take responsibility. Translation to helicopter moms: buzz off.

Wind Out of Our Sails

Sailing to CivilityDavid and Judy Shepherd are mortgage lending executives who cogently explained the housing meltdown of 2007 as originating with billions in Wall Street and bank investor money looking for big returns.

What still flummoxes all of us is not the greed but the widespread unethical and fraudulent business practices across numerous platforms (banking, appraisals, processing) with virtually no industry or government oversight. All of that helped sweep the country into the Great Recession. As a nation, it took the wind out of our sails.


DSCN2798Stan Myers and Laura Brun sailed the York under a steady breeze in quiet solitude. That was in contrast to a job Laura had years ago while working her way through college in Salem, Oregon, as a cab driver.

One day she picked up a man who paid her in advance to drive him around for hours. He kept getting out and going into stores, then a tavern, more stores, more taverns. “At one point my dispatcher called to ask if he was in the car, and he wasn’t. She told me the police said he had just gotten out of jail and was robbing the stores as I dropped him off. They wouldn’t let me drive off and leave him, so they kept going. Eventually the police caught up and arrested him. By then he was pretty drunk.”

Stan described the way to pronounce Oregon. “It’s Ore-gun, not Ore-gone.” Got it.

Let’s Go Sailing to Civility

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sailing to civility sailing to civility sailing to civility


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