Sailing Past Osprey
August 20, 2016 Hunting, Indiana, Osprey, Sailing

Sailing Past Ospreys

As we cruised past an osprey nest with the parents still there after their fledgling flew away, I was explaining to Ed Hollin and the others about how they migrate to South America. That reminded Ed of his home state of Indiana.

Sailing Past Osprey“I have a buddy who hunts with ospreys. They go out in the field and find squirrels and rabbits. His osprey is trained to fly out there and attack the prey quickly. If he can, the osprey will often bring it back. My buddy cuts off a piece and feeds it to the bird as a reward.”

Does he train the osprey to do that? “Oh no. He buys the bird from a trainer.”

How does he get the osprey? “He sneaks up on the nest and takes it once it’s born.”

That’s kidnapping! “Happens all the time,” Ed shrugged. “We gotta hunt.”

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