August 12, 2014 Children, History, Jamestown, Sailing, York River

Sailing to Jamestown


Erickson“Emma’s third grade teacher led us to go to Jamestown, with her enthusiasm for the nation’s founding,” said Christine Erickson as her four children scampered about the boat while sailing the York River. Unbeknownst to them, Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg have invested heavily to bring educators here from every state in the union to sophisticated teacher institutes that convey history hands-on. “They know a lot of the answers to our questions,” Emma explained. Regarding Jamestown Settlement, Jacob said, “People were mostly there, but it wasn’t the real place. My mom took a picture of me holding a sword and a musket.” The kids got to use replica tools to till the garden and discover which plants thrived in the 1600s. Christine said 3-year-olds were too young to work the garden and too old to carry, “so they got to throw rocks at the crows.” Where else in America are kids encouraged to throw rocks?

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