Sailing is all about you
Charter sailing is all about you. Exquisite customer service compels attention by the skipper to get it right, and quickly.
Sailing is all about youIt’s helpful to size up at the dock some of the things people are looking for on a three-hour sail. They may have already indicated a preference for one of three cruises: Adventure, History, Lessons. Beyond that, the skipper must be prepared to read his customer like a book. He should read not just the cover, but the pages that form the book (hence the illustration) for details.
You may be a couple looking for an afternoon of outdoor fun, which is found in the Adventure Cruise. Generally, men like to take the helm and women like to relax, but not always. Frequently, women drive the boat and the man simply observes. When women really get into the rhythm and power of sailing, men are sometimes astonished.
Sailing is all about youOther couples enjoy the History Cruise, which covers the 1781 Battle of the Capes and Siege of Yorktown. I once had a couple from Quebec who said that the Yorktown history filled in the gaps of their French Canadian history (the 1759 Battle of the Plains of Abraham, part of the Seven Years War.)
As in any endeavor, some people find themselves chatty while others are more reserved. Some ask questions, others don’t. I once had two couples who had never met but had one thing in common—food. One fellow was a chef at a pricey New York restaurant, and the other couple watched the Food Network religiously. I could have gone below for a nap and they wouldn’t have noticed. This is how memories happen on vacation.

Lessons for families

Sailing is all about youNext, you may be a family of three, four, five or six who are looking for something different and outdoors, physically as well as mentally challenging. That’s where the Lessons Cruise kicks in. Everyone (who wants to) gets a whirl on the wheel to measure the pressure of the wind on the sails and the boat. It’s exhilarating.
And with families, moms often come on board to relax, so I make it a point to find things for kids to do. The only requirement holds that those 12 and under have to wear a USCG-approved life preserver while in the cockpit or on the bow. Sometimes when I take the family photo, it winds up as the only shot of them together on vacation. One family used the photo for their Christmas card. I was flattered.
Sailing is all about youFinally, you may be group of up to six who are simply out for a good time or perhaps a team-building exercise. There’s plenty to enjoy and plenty to challenge you in a very rapid three-hour cruise. Beer and wine flow freely.
Other permutations include mother-and-daughter, father-and-son, parents-and-child, grandparents-and-grandchildren, and solo sailors as well. Out on the water, you matter a lot to me. Trip Advisor reviews attest to that.

Let’s go sail

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Sailing is all about you

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