April 2, 2015 History, Sailing, Uncategorized, York River

Sailing into History



Marty McCurry and his wife went sailing on the York River with their son while visiting Yorktown. Marty runs a unique and environmentally progressive business in the North Carolina Highlands that produces wood products, notably Bark House brand shingles. He happened to mention that he was here observing the shipment of 15 tractor-trailer loads of split rail fence to Yorktown. I thought about that for a moment and realized he had won the contract to replace the fence that delineates Surrender Field at the Yorktown Battlefield. This is the historic path that 7,000 British were forced to march in their humiliating surrender as they passed between American and French forces standing tall. You can see the Brits lined up in the background of John Trumbull’s famous painting “Surrender,” which adorns the interior of the Capitol Rotunda in Washington. “Split rail is something we do in winter to keep the boys busy,” he said modestly. “It’s made of black locust.”


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