October 19, 2014 Sailing

Navigating a Career

Ft. Eustis is home to the “Army’s Navy,” where soldiers learn everything from becoming a stevedore to captaining a boat. Donald Topping explained while sailing that tens of millions have been invested to teach 27 discrete programs to Army troops and Navy SEALS. “We owe a lot of our success to the gaming industry for developing advanced programs that can teach these skills. About 40 percent of the work is on a simulator and 60% is sea time. Graduates come out with skill sets cross matched to that of the US Coast Guard and the mariner world, so they can find significant work when they go out in the world.” Donald is a retired chief warrant officer with an 1100-ton license. To put that in perspective, mine is 50-ton. This was the first time he ever ran a big sailboat. “I love it!”


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