Last afternoon sail

Will Lovo and Thi Do took a spontaneous cruise on the York River on what is likely the last afternoon sail of the season.

Will works for Spring in Harrisonburg while Thi is at Eastern Mennonite University doing pre-med studies. She graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in psychology and would like to go to Med School there.

Last afternoon sail“EMU isn’t a religious school like some others,” she said after taking the helm. “They don’t impose their beliefs on the students. But I will say they are more serious about their studies, compared to the party atmosphere of UVA.”

Will is an all-around technician with Sprint. I asked him the universal question about the stupid charging port. “It’s a problem because people will try to put the plug in the wrong way, and the pins won’t fit. They’re coming out with a truly universal port, but of course then you’ll have to get a new charger.”

Last afternoon sailThi tacked six times downriver on a steady east wind. Near Wormley Creek, we tacked 180 degrees and the wind died down. It was time for the spinnaker. I explained that the dynamics of downwind sailing are very slow unless you fly the spinn. Will and I went up to the bow and let her fly as Thi held course. We sailed diagonally upriver for several miles before dousing.

Last afternoon sailClouds began to roll in ahead of a storm, and an early winter sun was setting in the west. I sent Thi and Will up to the bow for a little privacy. By the time we came back to port, I put my running lights on for the first time this season.

Let’s go sail

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Last afternoon sail



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