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Easter Weekend Sailing

Easter Weekend Sailing
Three families from Pennsylvania and Virginia enjoyed Easter Weekend sailing and outdoor fun off Yorktown. Winds on the York River were a brisk 10-15 mph, making it a challenge both days to keep the sailboat heeling between 10 and 15 degrees. Many enjoyed hanging out on the bow, where the views and the experience are a unique adventure.
Easter Weekend SailingAfter some informal lessons, all 13 members of the families got a turn on the wheel. The dads took over for much of the time. The big surprise was that there weren’t more boats out there, motor or sail. Regardless, that simply gave us more room to maneuver. That included circling an anchored barge, which look like it was moving because the waves were lapping against the giant bow. 
One of the dads was interested in buying a sailboat to keep near their home in Virginia Beach. I tried to dissuade him by referring him to getmyboat.com, a new website for renting boats for the day. That sure beats buying. 

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Easter Weekend Sailing

Easter Weekend Sailing

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