Corinne Casey, Williamsburg Charter SailsThree couples spanning generations from different parts of the country formed diverse sailors on the York River this week.
Corinne Casey is an optometrist and Brian Kanhofer is a computer engineer. They drove down from Baltimore and rented a cabin on the York. “It seemed so much more rustic than a hotel in Williamsburg,” Brian said.

We motored under the Coleman Bridge to see the place from the water. At home, he runs a 20-foot speedboat on Back River in Maryland, where they like to waterski. “It has a 350 horsepower V8 by Chevrolet, from the 1996 truck series. That provides plenty of pickup to get the waterskiers up out of the water.” By contrast, my Yanmar engine is 18 hp.

HardyAnne and Doyle Hardy are career FAA employees in Ft. Worth, and he recently retired. They are awaiting their third great-grandchild. “Our daughter started Girls Rock Dallas, which recruits musicians aged 8-17 to spend a week at summer camp writing and performing music. Some of the need-based girls are given scholarships.” I checked out the website, and she’s got a dynamic organization.

Contessa Caprici and Mike Koehane drove here from coastal Murrells Inlet in South Carolina to go sailing for the first time. “Murrells Inlet is, as they like to say, a small drinking village with a fishing problem,” he said. Contessa added, “They have a boardwalk with around 14 bars and restaurants with a different band at each one. You can stroll from bar to bar until you find the music you like.”

“My son moved out, and now I have time on my hands,” she said, “so I’m working on my six-pack captain’s license. I’m taking it slow and easy. Last weekend I took a class on engine maintenance and it was super. I learned how to change the oil, the filters, and the impeller. I want to get a boat, any boat, even a Sunfish. I could go with sail or motor, I just love the idea of being out on the water. I could live on a boat, really.”

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