Dedicated Sailor
Heeling to port

Wayne and Connie Bentel found sailing the York River much easier than his career of 40 years teaching special-ed, where among other things he helped develop community homes for teenagers.

Dedicated SailorHe must have had the patience of Job all those years. “Only at work,” he laughed, looking lovingly at her. Connie and her family of 12 siblings grew up on a Minnesota dairy farm. She was fascinated at seeing Yorktown from the water, since her fifth great-great grandfather fought here in Washington’s Continental Army.

Colorado Sailors

Betsy and Glen Miller are from Eagle County, Colorado, well known for the ski reDedicated Sailorsort Vail. They avoided the recent flash floods that struck Boulder but, “The state has been hit by two 100-year floods over the years,” she said. They explained that the steep ravines have no way to absorb heavy rains. The Millers have suffered mudslides that seeped quickly into their home. As a history buff, she shared my disappointment that the revised Colorado State Museum suffers from an inexplicable dumbing down of exhibits. As sailors, they found while bare-boating in the BVI that two shopping carts of groceries cost $1,000. And yes, Glen was named for the 1940s band leader.

Solo Sailor

Nan Gillis Dedicated Sailorof Tacoma, Washington, sailed on the York with a mixed experience of negotiating Williamsburg by bus. She found the maps by WATA to be confusing and unhelpful for access from hotels and timeshares. She found the route of the Colonial Williamsburg buses to and from Jamestown and Yorktown from the Visitor Center as a godsend, but there’s no good way to get to the Visitor Center from various hotels and resorts.

Let’s Go with a Dedicated Sailor

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