Bridge Locked Again

Once again, the George P. Coleman Bridge got stuck, as it has on several occasions in recent weeks. If this keeps up, the bridge opening will become a Thing To Do on Trip Advisor for those on vacation in Williamsburg.

Bridge Locked AgainThis time it was after the USNS Zeus transited from an Atlantic Ocean tour. The Zeus looks like a white hospital ship but in fact lays up to 1,000 miles of cable as deep as 9,000 feet. The cable helps scout Russian subs, which are still active.

Bridge Locked AgainThe Zeus lumbered upriver past two Navy warships docked at Naval Weapons Station Yorktown. It made for quite a sight to see three Navy ships in such close proximity. For that reason, a Navy Patrol boat lingered at the bridge until it finally closed after a ten-minute delay.

On this day the Zeus returned to its home port of Cheatham Annex, above Naval Weapons Station Yorktown. To do that, the USNS Cornhusker State had to leave the Cheatham pier, where it spent the summer teaching crane operations. The Cornhusker has two massive cranes on deck that are visible for miles.

Rock Climbing

Watching the boats near the bridge conveyed a certain fear of heights. It reminded me of why climbing bridges or rocks parallels hiking the mast.

  1. Both require courage.
  2. They demand strength.
  3. Ropes take on new importance.
  4. A fear of heights comes into play.
  5. They grind on one’s groin.
  6. Both epitomize “high anxiety.”
  7. Falling sucks.

Let’s Go Sail

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 Bridge Locked Again



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