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Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette party
Here’s the difference between men and women. Men prefer to hold a bachelor party on a motorboat while women prefer a sailboat for a bachelorette party.
The reasons are evident. Men like boats that go fast, make noise and stink. What better place to enjoy your last night of freedom than on a motorboat? Women, by contrast, enjoy the elegance and grace of a sailboat where they can take in the wind without screaming engines—or loud men, for that matter.
Bachelorette party

Sometimes ladies prefer to have fun on the bow.

I have hosted a few bachelorette parties and they turned out well. For one thing, it can be a unique surprise to the bride if she is unaware of the trip. For the planner, a sailboat is perfect because it limits the total number in the party to six. Let everyone sign up first-come, first-served.
The website lists 14 ideas for these parties. One of them is to go camping: “Does the bride love the great outdoors? Consider a back-to-nature bachelorette party. Call your state board of tourism to ask about campsites, then ring up locations of interest and ask about rental cabins or tents (if you come up empty, you can rent tents and other supplies at outdoor stores). Also find out what activities are offered (hiking, canoeing, swimming, fishing, or horseback riding). Make sure all guests know what clothes, food, and accessories to pack — and most importantly, remember to bring toilet paper.”
Bachelorette party

Another party on the bow.

Man, that sounds like a lot of work. With sailing, you show up at the dock, get on and go. It’s a lot easier and it works fine with food and drinks. I have someone on board who knows how to pop a champagne bottle.

Let’s Go Sail, cheers!

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Bachelorette Party
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Bachelorette Party
Men prefer to hold a bachelor party on a motorboat while women prefer a sailboat for a bachelorette party. The reasons are evident and described here.
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