Air Force OneEvery other Thursday, Air Force One flies low over the York River to nearby Langley Air Force Base for a touch-and-go landing as a drill, and then returns to Washington by a different route. I was explaining this to a couple out sailing the river when lo and behold Air Force One swooped in a northwest path across the river at a high altitude. This time it was escorted by four fighter jets in a diamond formation, suggesting the real thing. CNN reported later that President Obama was on his way to South Dakota to speak. It was his 50th state as President.

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Circumnavigation Sail

John Baker of nearby Gloucester and Joshu and Maryanne Gobrogge of Hancock MI joined up for an afternoon sailing lesson. Joshua has a small boat that he sails on a pond, while John is planning to circumnavigate the world. “Well, first I have to circumnavigate the Chesapeake Bay. I’ve always

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