World's Largest Sailing Yacht, Williamsburg SailsThe world’s largest sailing yacht is so big that its size rivals a Navy warship coming through the Coleman Bridge at Yorktown. This week the modestly named Sailing Yacht A set out for sea trials in Germany, where it’s being built for Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko. He owns the equally unique Motor Yacht A.

Bridge SpanSources put the length of Sailing Yacht A at 465 feet, which is longer than the swing spans of the Coleman Bridge. A hybrid diesel-electric propulsion combines two MTU 3,600 KW diesel engines and 4,300 KW electric motors driving controllable pitch propellers.

The yacht is designed by the Dutch design firm Dykstra Naval Architects and is being built by German Naval Yards in Kiel. Three carbon composite masts, said to be largest and most technologically advanced free-standing masts in the world, were constructed by Magma Structures in the UK. The sails have yet to be raised, at least publicly.

Critics have likened the ship to a rubber door stop or a running shoe. Delivery is due next year. No word if it will be available for charter sails, but probably not on the York River.

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