Many people retire to Williamsburg, but few try to develop a new future by relocating their jobs here. Meet Heather and Michael Savage of Morris Plains, New Jersey. She’s looking to transfer her position with a timeshare company and he’s looking to move his chef career as well. While sailing along the York River off Yorktown, Michael responded to a question about being picky about food now that he’s a chef.

“When I go to an Italian restaurant for the first time, I order the chicken parmesan. If it’s done well, I’ll go back and order something more complicated. At culinary school, they once assigned the class to prepare meat loaf. ‘Really?’ I asked. ‘We’re here to learn how to cook meat loaf?’ The instructor told us, ‘Not only that, but it will be a competition. You will be judged by upperclassmen to see who makes the best meat loaf. If you can’t make a routine meal well, you won’t be able to make a complicated meal either. You’re wasting my time and your money.’”

Michael trained at Paul Smith’s College in upstate New York. “Their curriculum is focused on culinary and forestry. We’re good with knives and chainsaws.”

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