Sailing at last on the York

People ask, “Do you get a lot of first-time sailors?” A landlocked Navy veteran from West Virginia got to fulfill a lifelong dream by sailing a 32-foot sloop for the first time. Joe Linville took his family out on the York River for a sunny cruise and discovered he’s a natural sailor. “I had a client who was building Bruce Roberts sailboat with his brother-in-law to see the world. He was so grateful to me for cutting him slack on a big HVAC job that he took me to lunch and told me about sailing. He took me under his wing and got me a subscription to Sailing World magazine. I’ve been fascinated with sailing ever since.”

That’s how it goes. People have watched from the shore their entire lives as sailboats cruise by. Finally they take a chance on an afternoon sail. Perhaps for a birthday or an anniversary. Suddeny they feel like they invented the concept. Some people (men) get so worked up that they plan to go right out and buy a boat. Whoa. I caution that they should do a little research and perhaps rent different boats of varying sizes to see what aligns best with their ambition. I recommend going online to to find sailboats near them to rent by the hour or half-day.

People encounter sailing in more indirect ways as well. If the client hadn’t taken Joe to lunch and told him about sailing, he migh t still be clueless. But seeing sailing is the best way. That’s why races like the America’s Cup and Vendee World solo race are so exciting. Amateurs, pros and wannabes get their thrills watching huge yachts sail 25+ mph. Wow!

Let’s Go Sailing at Last

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