DSCN7895Ivan Levy made a return trip for a November sail on the York River, this time with his friend Alena who’s a bartender at Bailey’s in Patrick Henry Mall. She’s from Belarus in the former Soviet Union and speaks perfect English. “I always wanted to live in America,” she said proudly.

DSCN7899In brisk winds gusting to 15 mph, we sailed on only the main and went after a larger Hunter 375 with both sails up. Sure enough, he was overpowered and kept coming up into the wind. He eventually pulled in his jib. Later, when the winds subsided slightly, we put out our genoa and chased the 375. We were about to pass it at Yorktown when it tacked to turn away.

DSCN7890Having bartended in college, I asked Alena what the most annoying drink is to make during Happy Hour. She didn’t hesitate. “The worst is an espresso martini. It requires 1.25 ounces of vanilla vodka, .75 ounce of Kalua, .75 ounce of Frangelico Italian liquor, .5 ounce of Dissrono, and .5 ounce crème de le cow liquor. The bottles are all over the place, requiring a lot of movement around the bar during a very busy time. Some of the bottles have to be refrigerated, so they’re stored elsewhere. You have to freeze the martini glass, shake it, strain it and the serve it.” I asked if after all that work it generates a big tip. She thought about that a moment and said simply, “Sometimes.”

DSCN7914We got back to sailing, and Alena took the wheel with great effect.

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