Museum confusionThe Museum of the American Revolution at Philadelphia opened in 2017. But one should not confuse it with the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown (pictured). Because that’s the new name for the Yorktown Victory Center overlooking the York River. Groundbreaking in Philadelphia was in spring 2017. In fact, Yorktown opened first, six weeks ahead of Philadelphia.

Another distinction: Yorktown’s version is a state museum. Thus it remains distinct from the National Park Service battlefield museum.  That one lies two miles downriver from Yorktown. Jamestown has two museums as well, merely a mile or two apart. The state-run Jamestown Settlement holds the the three replica ships on the coast of the James River. And the National Park Service’s Historic Jamestowne has the original 1607 fort and major archaeology. At the building dedicated to archeology, they sifted 1 million artifacts of all sizes down to 10,000.

From the website of the American Revoltionary War Museum at Yorktown:

Welcome to the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown. In response to COVID-19, we’ve made adjustments to operations. You can still access outdoor living-history areas and gallery exhibits. And you can enjoy the museum experience while following new safety protocols.

The American Revolution Museum at Yorktown tells the story of the nation’s founding. It starts at the twilight of the colonial period and goes to the dawn of the Constitution. Indoor galleries feature period artifacts, immersive environments and films. These include “The Siege of Yorktown,” with a 180-degree surround screen and dramatic special effects.

In the outdoor areas, visit a re-created Army encampment to learn about the life of a soldier and take in daily demonstrations on medical treatment, camp life and cooking, and see firings of a flintlock musket. Explore a 1700s farm based on a real-life 18th-century family, to help with chores in the house, kitchen, tobacco barn, gardens and crops.

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