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Learn to Sail

Learn to sail

You can learn to sail fast, and quickly at that. Here are five ways, graduating from easy to intermediate.

Adventure Cruise

Couples and families who book an Adventure Cruise with Let’s Go Sail get a chance to run the helm over the course of three hours. In so doing, they get sufficient tips and pointers to get the drift of sailing. Before long, they pick it up intuitively. Sailing is one of the few sports that are easy to learn, provided the boat is big enough and the wind sufficient. Note: Lessons informal and non-certified, taught by a USCG captain and certified sailing instructor.

Lessons Cruise

Learn to sailLet’s Go Sail offers a specific three-hour block to teach the basics. Learn the aerodynamics of sailing. Differentiate the three sail “reaches” for power. Learn how to “see” the wind. Find out how to rescue a man overboard quickly. Try your hand (and voice) at marine radio. You can learn to deploy the spinnaker sail when going downwind. It’s informal and a lot of fun. Guests who enjoy this package often move up to the next level or go out and buy a boat for themselves. Lessons informal and non-certified.

Adventures in Sailing

Learn to sailFor 16 years, the Williamsburg Area Learning Tree has underwritten a community sailing class that spans three Saturdays or Sundays in the fall and spring. Up to six people spend six hours each day going through various drills to learn how to sail. The class is as much social as educational, and it’s a great orientation for couples. Visit Lessons informal and non-certified.

Sailing Made Easy

Learn to sailThis is the basic 101 class offered by SailTime Virginia Beach under the American Sailing Association. The class runs two days on a weekend, with an hour or so in the morning for classroom instruction. That’s followed by the rest of the day on the waters of Willoughby Bay in a 22-foot Capri. Instructors are USCG captains and ASA certified. Certification enables sailors to use the Capri fleet at their convenience with a SailTime membership. It’s a great alternative to buying a boat. Visit

Basic Coastal Cruising

This is the next level of ASA, 103. The coursework is more detailed and the scope is larger. Classes are held in the morning and are followed by outings in Chesapeake Bay on Hunter 36 boats. Certification calls for an overnight cruise from Norfolk to Cape Charles or Hampton so sailors can learn basic navigation and docking. Visit

Let’s go sail, to learn how

Check rates and pick a day for a sailboat charter. See reviews on Trip Advisor from sailors like you. 

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