Happiness on a sailboatHappiness on a sailboat comes in many forms.
There is first of all the sheer joy of running a boat on the wind. With a few minutes training behind the wheel, anyone can enjoy the sensation of guiding a sailboat through the waves. Boats steer like cars except that the “wheels” are in the back in the form of a rudder. Controlling that movement is a powerful experience.
Happiness on a sailboatThe gift of happiness is found when a woman takes her beau sailing for the first time. The look on this wife’s face epitomizes the enjoyment she’s getting from having her husband run the boat. I see it all the time and it never gets old.
Happiness on a sailboatAlternatively, wives get to experience the happiness of sailing when their husbands yield the wheel. Some guys do so right away as an act of chivalry. Women are surprised to find they’re very good sailors. What seemed daunting turns out to be merely challenging and fabulously exciting.
Young couples are intrigued that such an ancient form of transportation has morphed into a modern sport.
Happiness on a sailboatSmaller, leaner skippers realize quickly that the boat will not overpower them. Once smitten, they’re reluctant to give up the helm. “This is fun!” is the typical reaction.
Happiness on a sailboatFor others, sailing is on their bucket list. But the experience becomes enticing. People who say they always wanted to sail (once) find themselves enamored by the concept and come back for more.
Parents find sailing to be a unique birthday present or graduation prize. What’s more, sailing is excellent for family bonding, even more so as a surprise present. People communicate more easily when they find themselves multi-tasking behind the wheel by talking and steering simultaneously. Finally, sailing is the best anniversary present money can buy, short of diamonds.

Happiness on a sailboatLet’s go sail

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