Excessive Sail

Excessive Sail

Yorktown is abuzz about a giant cruise ship coming into port next year, ahead of the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. Typical headline: Princess Cruises shares update on Yorktown Voyage, but not everyone is on board The company announced in February that it would add Yorktown to the list of ports, largely because […]

Go Fish in the York

Go fish in the York River

  As a professional mariner, I regret to report I don’t know much about fish. Growing up, my mother served a lot of TV dinners. I thought fish sticks peculiar because I couldn’t understand how they could swim efficiently. When I secured my USCG captain’s license, I had to jump through 49 certifications for the […]

Top Sailing Movies

"What about Bob? I'm sailing"

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyPMrR2XR6o Sailing movies are hard to produce, difficult to write, and often bomb at the box office. One weird exception is  “What About Bob?” a black comedy from 1991 starring Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss. Murray is his usual cultish self, as honed in “Ground Hog Day.” He is one-dimensional, boorish and unfunny. He plays […]

Oyster harvest comes up short

Oyster harvest comes up short

Commuters from Gloucester County who were headed south on the Coleman Bridge this week could look up the York River and see dozens of deadrise workboats clustered offshore. Watermen were out in force after opening day Jan. 1 of oyster rock season. By Wednesday the fleet had thinned as pickings were slim. Dickie Owens of […]

Exciting Sailing

Two couples from Delaware enjoyed an exciting sail in brisk winds on the York River with their grown children. Jeff and Barbara Wesson are from Georgetown, and Brenda and Al Ebert are from Bowers. The Eberts live within view of the Delaware Bay and are used to high winds and waves. >Bowers is a small […]