Jay and Jill Vanek went sailing near Williamsburg with light winds that picked up in the afternoon. Jill works in PR communications for QVC Television, where trends have changed over the years.

“Jewelry used to be the big seller but the price of gold got too high. Today electronics and kitchen are the top categories.” She wouldn’t disclose viewership numbers except to say that a two-hour show Saturday morning and two hours on Sunday evening are the top spots, grossing $20 million a week.

She’s helped host many celebrities. “Princess Sarah Ferguson was wonderful and gracious as she rolled out her fashion line.” The Kardashian sisters and Ellen DeGeneres, not so much. “The Muppets were fun, but very secretive. You’re not allowed to see the box they come in, they have to be portrayed as living beings.”

The biggest seller? “You won’t believe it: Scrub Daddy. It’s a big sponge cleaner with a scratch pad. We’ve sold millions of them, and they run $30 for two in a package.”

Her biggest competitor: “HSN, Home Shopping Network. We’re bigger. But we’re owned by the same company, Liberty Media. Amazon is a competitor too since you can buy anything there.”

Her motto: “Money isn’t everything, but try me.”

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