The Fourth of July fizzled in the morning with a steady rain that eventually canceled the evening fireworks. But the Hoolahans of Randolph, New Jersey, braved the weather and headed for a quiet sail on the York River during their vacation in Williamsburg.

Sure enough, the rain tapered to a drizzle and then stopped altogether in the afternoon. By then, so many people had canceled their plans that few boats ventured out. What should have been hundreds of boats preparing for the fireworks consisted of one cabin cruiser, and he drove away.

DSCN9246We saw a barge docked at the US Coast Guard Training Center, and Maryann wondered if it was going to be the fireworks barge. Alas, it turned out to be a small oil tanker. “That would have made some fireworks,” Tom joked. “Just one bang.”

Don works in the nuclear energy industry with a contract supplier. “Whether you think it’s good or bad, I wish Americans were better educated about nuclear energy. It’s safe and abundant, but the multi-year licenses are expiring with renewing. Natural gas and wind and solar have made nuclear less profitable than in the past, which is too bad.” He worked at Three Mile Island before the accident in 1977 and recalled the Surry nuclear plant on the James River, a few miles away.

Sailing Fourth
Their son Tom graduated from college and was headed off to Basic Officer School for the Air Force, either in Colorado or closer to home at McGuire Air Force Base. Their daughter Sarah was in nursing school, taking after Maryann to become a Registered Nurse.

We saw dolphins pop up, but only fleetingly. Maryann got video of it on her phone. Back in port, a clever spinnaker flew in the breeze depicting the American Flag. A rock band warmed up at the pool for the die-hards who came out on this quite Fourth.

Let’s Go Sail

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