Sailing past a submarine

Sailing near Williamsburg

Two couples who’ve been married for decades celebrated their anniversaries by sailing past a submarine during their vacation to Williamsburg. Lisa Kuert surprised her husband Paul on their 35th. “I had no idea where she was taking me,” he said. “I had sandals on so I figured it couldn’t be too dangerous, like rock climbing.” […]

Sailing with the sheriff

Sailing with the sheriff

After five days of rain and otherwise bleak weather, we wound up sailing with the sheriff and his wife, with a delightful conversation. The skies finally cleared and the winds rose to near whitecaps on a beautiful late summer day Mary and Duke Donnelly came to Williamsburg on vacation from Bucks County PA, one of […]

With charity toward motorcycles

While sailing near Williamsburg, we got to talking about business and charity. Lucinda Lobach  is a partner in 21 Red Robin restaurants in Pennsylvania. “I’m proud to say that since 2010 our Red Robins are proud to have donated $500,000 toward the support of research on leukemia. My brother died of leukemia.” I asked about […]