Sailing Yorktown

Sailing Yorktown

People ask, “What’s the deal with pirates?” Pirates prevailed at Yorktown on Saturday as the Schooner Virginia and RV Virginia sailed into port. The 122-foot schooner went bankrupt years ago and was revived by the Nauticus Foundation, home-ported there in Norfolk. The big white Virginia was just christened as the newest research vessel by VIMS, […]

Last Sail

Last Sails

People ask, “How deep into Fall do you still sail?” Deep into November, I took veteran sailors Jeanne Kushabar and Ugo Boggio out on the York in a light breeze from the east. I hadn’t see Ugo in a year, during which time he bought a 24-foot sailboat for his house on Boothbay Harbor, Maine. […]

Go Navy!

Go Navy!

To fully appreciate the US Navy plowing up the York River to the Yorktown Naval Weapons Station, you have to see the ships at their base. The last time I transited Norfolk Naval Base was in February 12 years ago when Greg Smith helped me sail the NTM 320 Hunter up from Waterside. I hired […]

Sailing with Hospitalized Prisoners

For sheer outdoor fun near Williamsburg, people enjoy sailing the York River. One woman brought her niece to celebrate her high school graduation. A couple brought their young children to show them how to steer a sailboat. And a family from Utah experienced a river much wider than found in their native state. Along the […]

Perfect boating scenario

Can I take my dog sailing?

I get a lot of men sailing on the York River who want to buy a sailboat, but they lack the perfect boating scenario. Inevitably their wives are opposed for various reasons of cost, aggravation, time away from her, etc. My typical response is to focus on time and money. Unless you have easy access to […]