Multiple Sails

Multiple Sails

Home Again During multiple sails, the cable-laying USNS Zeus returned to Cheatham Annex after many months at sea in the Atlantic. The Zeus lays hundreds of miles of intel cable as deep as 9,000 feet. It’s the only ship in its class because the sister ship never got built. It looks like an old hospital […]

Sailing is Better than Golf

  Before addressing why sailing is better than golf, another distinction is appropriate. I can often tell if a person plays golf, as opposed to tennis. Golfer have better hands and appreciate the effect that the wind has on their game. Tennis players power through the shot and ignore the wind since it has only a […]

Sailing Memories

Memories of sailing are vivid but not always pleasant. While tacking downriver on the York with Doug and Stephanie Gwilliam of San Diego, David Rane recalled the time he and his wife Mary Beth went out on a skippered boat in Washington State. “It was a howling wind and raining sideways, so I assumed we […]