Testimonial List

Testimonial List

 “Awesome, we sure enjoyed our time with the captain!” –Linda & Bill Schmidt!”

“Our day with Captain Bill was the highlight of our trip to your neck of the woods. Maybe I will get smart some day and put away the ice auger and shanty for good.” – Kevin Weber

“Thank you Captain Bill for a wonderful day! One thing on my bucket list that will be repeated, so see you next year. It was relaxing and exciting at the same time, and it was fun to see my husband as a sailor. The smiles on our faces on Facebook say it all. Thanks again.” -Donna Schmoyer

“Thank you so much for a great day and also for the nice photo and text you posted on Facebook. My Mom thoroughly enjoyed being out on the river; definitely one of the highlights of her birthday celebration!” -Chris Smith

“Great experience, thanks to Bill’s approach to teaching!” -Bob Dillman

“Thanks so much for the pictures. I’m so glad we have the trip documented for our memory book! We had a marvelous time. Learning to sail “hands on” was such a neat and unexpected experience.” -Karen Johnson

“My wife and I had taken a week-long school [elsewhere] for the purpose of earning my ASA qualifications, with the long-range goal of bareboating in the Caribbean. The intensity of our instructor really had a negative impact on understanding the basic fundamentals of sailing. Our experience with Capt. Bill was just the opposite. He was relaxed, just as much as we were.” -Tom Leitch

“We enjoyed this trip very much. I think sailing is going to be part of our visits to the east in the future.” -Adrian Baird

“You helped us make a wonderful memory! Thank you very much for a nice evening.” – Ann Gross

“Thank you, Captain Bill! Glorious day sailing on the York River with dear friends, the Fitzpatricks.” —Shelagh Fleck

“Thank you for a wonderful day and arranging the weather. It really was perfect.” – Carol Negus

“Had a great time on the sail.” — Ron Johnson

“Words cannot even begin to articulate the incredible joy we had in our sailing excursion of the York River. During dinner, all of us commented on how you entertained, encouraged and educated us throughout the trip. THIS day gave us a delightful perspective and outlook in what pure and unencumbered joy can be behind the helm and in the midst of the gentle breeze and rocking sailboat!” –Teresa Yoder

“Thank you, Bill. We all had a great time. Caryn and I and the boys enjoyed learning about the history of Yorktown, Alex really enjoyed steering the boat and Ben is a great deck hand. It was a beautiful day for sailing and a nice relaxing way to spend part of our day while on vacation.”  –Aron Arias

“We had a great day it was a lot of fun. The girls enjoyed it so much. We would do it again anytime. Thanks,” -Tom Kennedy & family

“Thank you for a wonderful experience. We were so excited to tell our friends, and next year they want to sail as well.” -Coristan Thaxton

“All of us had a fabulous day, and we truly appreciate all you did to make it so wonderful.” –Teri H.

“I’d be hard pressed to think of a more enjoyable way to spend 3 or 4 hours than a leisurely sail on Bill O’Donovan’s well-appointed 32-foot sloop. As you motor out into the river you can see across to Yorktown Heights where the decisive battle of the American Revolutionary War was fought—that is, if you’re not distracted by an Osprey feeding its young in the nest perched on top of one of the channel markers. Bill’s easy, confident seamanship makes for a pleasant, relaxed but memorable experience. I would recommend it highly to anyone fortunate enough to have the opportunity.” –John Alewynse

“We would like to thank you for the great day of sailing. Although the weather periodically did not cooperate, we had a very enjoyable time and you were well prepared. Our guys will have fond memories of steering the boat—you are very trusting!” –Rose & Al G.

“Great company, great host, great conversations and a learning experience about the history of our wonderful backyard.” –J. Michael Bennet

“We want to thank you so much for a very delightful afternoon of sailing aboard the Deadline. You were a great host and you gave us a chance to enjoy a relaxing and memorable time in such beautiful weather. Everyone was thrilled to learn the history of the area and even to know about some of the landmarks and points of interest along the York River.” –Richard Boyden

“Betty and I thoroughly enjoyed our sail with you this past Saturday. The weather gods fully cooperated and the company was good.” –Roddy D.

“I liked Bill’s effortless and relaxed instructional approach. Everything was fun and everyone seemed to love the experience.” –Henry G.

“I appreciated the sailing lesson and truly enjoyed the conversation.” –Mike V.S

“Thank you for another great afternoon adventure on Deadline. I especially appreciated that you ensured calm waters.” –Jeff R.

“Thanks for the great day sailing.” –Kathy H.

“Many thanks, Bill. We thoroughly enjoyed the sail, conversation and chance to meet and greet other community members.” –Don P.

“Bill is a real gem of an instructor. What I liked most was his low-key approach, yet thorough knowledge.” –Sharon V.

“A nice breeze and good company made it a great afternoon.” –Jim I.

“Thanks so much a delightful sail on the York River. The wind was perfect and,the conversation wide-ranging.” –Virginia G.

“Bill, Thank you for the terrific time I had today.” –Jennifer L.

“What I liked most was the hands-on experience. Looking forward to the opportunity to repeat the course.” Ulku N.

“That was a fantastic day of sailing on Sept. 1. I truly enjoyed the crew you put together and our discussions. Staying clear of the warship will remain the highlight for all of us. Nothing like a little fear of big guns pointed at you to add some excitement!” –Charlotte J.

“It was a great sail, a beautiful day and a heck of a lot of fun.” –Connie D.

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