November 10, 2014 History

Washington’s Tent






A replica of George Washington’s tent during the Revolutionary War was struck Sunday behind the Wythe House in Colonial Williamsburg, near the site in October 1781 where he finalized plans for the siege of Yorktown. It took all summer OF 2014 to sew the fabric panels, which came as they originally did from Ireland. Items included his portable desk, map of the colonies, outlying tents, and his folding bed frame made by the Joiner Shop in Revolutionary City. Historian Jerome Greene recounts that Washington actually had two headquarters tents. At Yorktown, they were set up Sept. 29 “well beyond enemy artillery range,” which is to say 2.5 miles. “Before the sun set, the designated unit areas were dotted with tents of varying sizes able to accommodate between eight and sixteen soldiers. The troops always laid out their camp in order of battle, and the quartermaster general always assigned blocs of ground to the various brigade units.”


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