August 25, 2014 Sailing, York River

Troubled Waters

??????????“We like to tell people that we met in jail,” laughed Ashley Bolden as she and her husband Michael sailed the York River on a spectacular afternoon. They were working at the regional jail on Route 143, and she has since become an LPN at Eastern State Hospital where she works in Admissions. It’s difficult because often the patients are admitted against their will. She’s been spat on, and a colleague suffered a broken arm. So, is it a better job? “Jail was easier because at least the inmates were behind bars.” Eastern State is an open-ward hospital, and there are precious few male attendants to help keep order. Jerry Morrison, a retired executive along for the sail, listened raptly. “As a banker I once got exposed to your line of work by voluntarily living in a halfway house to experience what people go through. I couldn’t figure out how they got halfway in the first place.”


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