October 10, 2013 Uncategorized

Teenage Wimps

You meet the nicest people sailing. Karl and Sherri Snider (right) joined Karen Straight and Ron Watkins and his niece Lisa on a warm afternoon sail amid busy, shouting Coast Guard trainees on the York River. There was no government shutdown for them. The Sniders work at a nursing home in Missouri that recently had the longest living person in America, age 112. Ron and Karen operate Colonial Gardens B&B on Jamestown Road. I was commenting on the sad state of physical fitness Straightyoung people today, some of whom would have a hard time running a sailboat because they’re too busy text-messaging. Lisa, a U-Conn grad who’s now a personal trainer, responded with an apt analogy about teenage wimps. “Their sedentary life is to our generation what smoking was to yours.” They have simply grown accustomed to unhealthy behavior and lack an incentive to change.

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