April 21, 2015 How to, Sailing, Uncategorized

Spring Sailing Class

Brian Simmons and his dad Ken have long enjoyed boating and fishing. They went on their first sail with SailTime Virginia Beach and loved it. Brian anticipated a lot of heavy lifting and complicated maneuvering, and was delighted to find how easy it was to pipe up past 6 mph in 10 mph winds. “This is terrific!” They both work for Norfolk Southern Railroad at the Norfolk Terminal, where they oversee the loading of giant cargo ships for containerized cargo and coal. One question that puzzles observers is how these ships can withstand typhoons and hurricanes at sea. Occasionally the Sealand containers pop off in a storm, floating for a while until they sink just below the surface and are virtually invisible. The hazard to navigation is immense, made familiar in the movie “All Is Lost,” where Robert Redford’s sailboat was holed in the Indian Ocean by a submerged container. When the big ships are emptied and head back across the ocean, Ken said they take on thousands of gallons of water ballast to keep the center of gravity low and avoid pitching and yawing.


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