September 4, 2014 Sailing, York River

Soaring with the Wind

??????????For their 28th wedding anniversary, Denise Ward took her husband Richard sailing and sightseeing on a brisk York River. He’s a job site superintendent for a company that does exterior restorations. “The wind gets pretty strong and funnels between tall buildings. We work as high as 20 or 25 stories, with scaffolding counter-weighted to the top of the building. High winds can rattle the platform and actually swing the scaffolding from side to side as much as ten feet in both directions. I’ve had guys quit the first day. When winds get to 25, we have to shut down because it becomes unproductive and people get scared. It’s also a problem keeping bricks and other materials on the platform from flying off. I’m fully aware of the danger, I respect that.”


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