August 30, 2015 History, Sailing, York River

Saving History

Scott Prater took his wife Jean sailing near Williamsburg, where they enjoyed learning about the end of the Revolutionary War at Yorktown.

“We live in Leesburg, a hundred yards from a farmhouse that figured prominently in the War of 1812. They spirited the U.S. Constitution and other important documents out of Washington and hid them in the basement for safe-keeping.”

I had explained how a squall came up at the end of the Battle of Yorktown that providently prevented Lord Earl Cornwallis from escaping by ship on the York River.
“Something similar happened in 1812. A hurricane blew through Washington with torrential rains. The winds discouraged the British from more devastation beyond burning the White House, and the heavy rains put out many of the fires they started.”

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