September 2, 2014 Navy, Sailing, York River

Sailing the World

Navy Ensign Marie Gallant and Navy Lt. Addison Carr met at sea on the USS Antietam guided missile cruiser and just got engaged to marry. They are stationed in Norfolk on different ships. “I was enlisted at first and went to OCS,” she said as they cruised along the York River quietly. “No one in my family was ever in the military. Not a lot of people can say they’ve been out in the ocean and looked up at the stars.” She’s from San Diego and was commissioned there on the aircraft carrier Midway, now a museum. “They didn’t close the museum, so civilians were coming by in flip flops as we stood in our whites. It was awesome.” Out at sea, “I’ve been on ships chasing typhoons back to port, rolling 20 degrees to one side and then 20 degrees to the other.”


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