April 11, 2015 Uncategorized

Sailing with the Coast Guard

Alec Willette is graduating high school in south central Virginia this spring and is enlisting in the US Coast Guard. “I filled out the regular application for the military and followed up with the Coast Guard testing for proficiencies. They categorize you according to desire and capability, and I’d like to get out on the Coast Guard boats.” We sailed over to the US Coast Guard Training Center at Yorktown, but the only boat to be seen was the lifeboat on davits at the end of the pier that they drop down for training. It was a chilly day, but Alec was comfortable in shorts. He’ll do well in Coast Guard weather. He went to sailing camp as a youngster, where he learned the difficult task of running dinghies and other small boats. Bigger sailboats are much easier, he discovered on this day.


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